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Cultivating Political Correctness

When politicians are scared to even comment on the issues not to say about acting upon and working on these issues, fearing that some sections of the public will get offended. It is political correctness. When rather than being an aberration such behaviours become the norm, it is political correctness.

Political Correctness

Social media is the major contributory factor responsible for the development of this behaviour on the part of the politicians. This is one of the negative effects of social media that they need to overcome in the long term if they want to stay in the game and be effective. The good one will probably wriggle it out somehow.

Because media has provided a handle and an opportunity for everyone to have their say on each and everything, which they do so immediately without investing a moment to reflect on the magnitude and the essence of the matter and the point raised, employing emotion and prejudice rather than reason, rationale and the implications of the point being made.

The issue instead of being debated becomes a flash point that is quickly grabbed by these people who end up merely as trolls who have no role to play other than ridicule and create noise. Some times these gullible trolls get picked up by the mob mischievous mob that has an ulterior motive and at whom the issue is directed and who are the only ones the point of attention and eye of the storm.

Opinion Surveys are the second most category that has played an enormous role in the contribution of the prevalence of the pervasive disease of political correctness.

The opinion surveys apparently seem to convey that these surveys are meant to assess and reflect the mood of the public on the popular topics of the day. Unfortunately, the politicians seem to take these surveys seriously and mould their behaviour and actions as intended by the promoters and financiers of these surveys.

As a result, the politicians end up reacting and adjusting themselves to their whims rather than concentrating on the real issues, long term policies and action plans.

The politicians fail to see through that these surveys are designed not to reflect and gauge the mood of the public on the current issues but to mould the behaviour of the politicians to suit the masters managing the surveys who are pulling the strings behind the curtain and the politicians end up being merely playing to their tunes.

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